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Creator Series – (Meditations 5 tracks)


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The Creator Series is a group of five meditations that will help you go deeper into your senses and explore greater depths of your being.  The series will help you create the life you have imagined living and are ready to experience.  Feel empowered and lifted as you connect with higher levels of consciousness and begin manifesting your true potential.

Discover the Creator Consciousness that is your birthright.  Magnetize yourself into the world of your wishes fulfilled.  This journey helps you release old beliefs and teaches you to utilize your focus correctly. Feel success satisfaction and surprise as you raise your vibration to the Creator Consciousness.

Open to your true worth. Allow your being to be filled with self-confidence, wisdom, and awareness of your value.  Learn what you yearn for and where you feel utilized correctly and align yourself with your purpose and vitality of this lifetime.

Call forth the qualities and experiences of your divine partner as you move through time to connect in divine union. Angel guides you on a journey of the senses in this oneness experience.

Become that which you are, abundant in all aspects of your being.  Release and let go of the ideas and concepts that you carry that no longer serve you. Receive the knowledge that you are wealth, you are abundant, and you have much to offer.  Feel yourself immersed in the light of awareness that you are a powerful being with access to true wealth beyond limits.

Watch and observe how all your past experiences and the influences of those around you as a child have impacted your subconscious and your reality.  Allow your light to expand, envelope and integrate all these existences by rewriting your past into your new future.