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Evolutionary Leap 2024 Zoom Call & Meditation Full Series Calls 1-8


Evolutionary Leap is an invitation to step into your full magnificence and activate your Diamond consciousness. Humanity is on the brink of a glorious era, unlike anything we’ve ever seen.  This time is being referred to as The Destiny of Joy, and you and your evolution play a pivotal role. Love is the great opportunity that heals all things and it is the awesome PURPOSE OF THIS LIFE.  We are transitioning through an EVOLUTIONARY LEAP. Therefore, the old ways no longer can or will work.  We are being guided to open ourselves up to know who we are and trust exactly how and why we are here NOW.  Our deepest intelligence is God within us and that soulful, truly limitless power is seeking to wake all of us up to our highest potential right now.

In Evolutionary Leap there are eight 60 – 70 minute calls which include a unique guided meditation from Angel which will leave you feeling relaxed,  revitalized and ecstatic for what is to come.

If you’re longing to be:

  • More present with an open, loving and joyful heart; despite the division and conflicts being played out around us.
  • More willing to claim a radiantly healthy, fearlessly fulfilling life and unwilling to buy into the fear that costs you your life force.
  • More active in expanding your own unity consciousness to activate the truth in our collective consciousness  – that together, we can solve the challenges that humanity is facing – and will.

Then Evolutionary Leap with Angel Evans is exactly what you are looking for.


Evo Leap #1 January 24, 2024 – Law of Three

  • Law of three
  • 12 chambers of the heart
  • Positive, negative, neutral
  • What I receive, what I give, what I intend
  • What I think, what I feel, what I do
  • Hold the divine love and the light that you are
    Meditation: Discovering the Exquisiteness of your own nature

Evo Leap #2 Feb 12 2024 – Develop Your Subtle Body Power

  • Most of humanity is in a trance state
  • Create awareness around how you think your world into reality
  • Develop your subtle body power
  • Detox of the mind
  • Washing aware spiritual amnesia
  • Upper, Middle and Lower Dantian (Thinking, feeling, actions)
  • Law of Mentalism – everything is mind
  • 4 things that cause suffering (a thought, a belief, a position, an opinion)
  • Most of us are creating worlds haphazardly, randomly from our trauma field
  • Two kinds of meditation
  • Clean up your energy
  • Contemplate: The peace that passeth all understanding
    Meditation: Harmonizing the Elixir Fields

Evo Leap #3 Feb 24, 2024 – Creating Holy Shift

  • Consciousness is not convenient
  • Creating Holy Shift to unlock the universes that live inside of you
  • Lighting up your multi-dimensional consciousness
  • 12 Petals of the Lotus in the Heart
  • 4 things that cause suffering
  • Step 1: Capacity to observe (observer consciousness)
  • Step 2: Observer consciousness around what we are thinking
  • Step 3: Your will and your actions
  • Step 4: Unbreakable Positivity
  • Step 5: Come to this with a beginner’s mind
  • Step 6: Harmonizing all of the previous steps
  • Different Planes of Existence
    Meditation: Blossoming of the Subtle Body

Evo Leap #4 March 12, 2024 – Law of Mass Action

  • Multiple layers of information awakening within us
  • Build a solid foundation of who you are
  • Activating The Law of Mass Action
  • Untangle the controversy within ourselves
  • Awaken The Pearl of Great Wisdom Steps 1 – 6
  • Whose thought are you thinking
  • Get intouch with the dantian of your heart (feelings)
  • Listen to the divine inside of you
  • Anja Exercise
  • Stabilizing and activating a new nervous system within us (meditation)
  • Chinese Organ Sounds
    Meditation: Rebuild to Redeem

Evo Leap #5 March 24, 2024 – Tribe Is The New Currency

  • Cultivate the muscles of consciousness
  • New currency is tribe (who you are connected to)
  • Elixir Fields (dantians)
  • Healing a catastrophic moment in your life
  • Your nervous system is educated by the adults around you
  • Discover where your thoughts are
  • Unprocessed trauma stays in your fields and distorts you
  • Discover traumatic entanglements
  • Healing love of the Divine Mother
    Meditation: Mercy, Love & Healing

Evo Leap #6 April 12, 2024 – Radical Honesty

  • Three crucial questions
  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • What is the purpose of this incarnation?
  • Six basic steps/ 6 Petals / 6 Principles
  • What are my thoughts?
  • What are my feelings?
  • What am I doing?
  • Unbreakable positivity
  • The willingness to begin anew
  • Integrating all the steps/petals above
  • Amy Poehler’s 9 Principle of Improv
  • Keep saying yes
  • Be a good listener
  • Find your team
  • Finding the game
  • Take up space
  • Can’t be halfway in
  • Don’t bail on your partners
  • Don’t worry about being cool
  • Playing with status
  • What is the lie you have been telling yourself
  • Are you listening to what your higher self is telling you
  • Your opportunity is to go deeper into connection
  • Having radical honesty
    Meditation: Genetic Upgrade

Evo Leap #7 April 24, 2024 – Angel’s Life Hacks

  • Angel’s lifetime hacks
  • What is the most challenging moment you have had recently
  • If you have stress in your nervous system, you are not present
  • Hack #1 Talk to your subconscious
  • Hack #2 Golden thread of the divine
  • You don’t need to have a conversation straight away
  • Set a new dynamic
  • Don’t let your chemistry cut you off at the knees
  • Hack #3 Step outside of yourself: go into observer consciousness
  • Hack #4 What is my soul showing me right now
  • Meditation: Multi Dimension Escape Hatch

Evo Leap #8 May 12, 2024 – The Pivot Is Your Superpower

  • Special Capsule event
  • Etheric Tears
  • We are grieving the life we had/never had
  • Allow the feelings to come to the surface
  • Shift to the Divine Mother essence within you
  • The Pivot is your superpower
  • It is crucial to go within
    Meditation: Divine Mother Love