Angel Evans

Realize why you are here.

Angel Evans is a facilitator of change.  More than a public speaker, more than an inspirational mentor, she has been dedicated to the awakening of humanity her entire adult life. As a motivational teacher through individual sessions and group events, Angel gives an individual insight into their own unique personal power, cultivates them, and shows them how to bring these gifts forward into their everyday life to magnify their experience.  She has facilitated the lives and careers of many successful people around the world and the demand for her time keeps growing.

Having traveled the world extensively, melding with many cultures and studying the healing arts with many Great Masters, Angel has been fluent in the language of energy for over 35 years. She offers intensive client mentoring for those who desire more one-on-one attention.  Angel also records several meditations (on a variety of topics) which take listeners on a magical and delicious journey every time.

Her devotion to educate people on health, wellness, awakening to their highest potential and how to practically bring goals into fruition is endless. With a large client base that is constantly growing, she continues to find innovative ways to serve and upgrade humanity.

Angel has a gift of manifestation. She sees what is working in one’s life and what is not working in one’s life and knows how to inspire what is needed to make things work more efficiently and effectively. Because of her insight, she has mentored and brought to life the careers of many successful people around the world. Angel is an agent for change… a promoter of progress…She is an experience not to be missed.

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