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Angel Evans’ Mastery Series #3



Mastery Series #3

Angel addresses many relevant topics and issues that have been implanted in our subconscious minds since childhood. Through her vast experience in years of counselling people all over the world, she is uniquely able to shine a light and bring attention to the programs that are limiting your life. She will teach you how to break the habit and stop the cycles.

On these calls Angel will dive deep into the Nature of Reality  and how our reality is created. She will also refer back to the previous series and the lessons she imparted to help you gain a greater understanding of the impact your past has on your future.

Call 1 – Mind Jail
Call 2 – Be Willing to Abandon Your Story
Call 3 – Creating Win-Win
Call 4 – Games of Chaos
Call 5 – Killing Fantasy
Call 6 – Identity Based Suffering
Call 7 – Integrated Wisdom
Call 8 – ‘Other’
Call 9 – High Jacked Free Will
Call 10 – Surrender
Call 11 – The Playground vs. Slave Trap
Call 12 – Staying Connected

Each call is 60-75 minutes long and the topics discussed varies from week to week. What is the true essence of reality and how are we creating it?  What obstacles do we have in our lives that we are blaming others for?  The truth is we create our own reality. Discover how the thoughts you think pave the way for what you are experiencing in your life today and how you can design the life you have always wanted.  Stop looping in past thoughts that are keeping your ‘Reality’ from becoming the joyous ‘Reality’ you desire.