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Angel Evans’ Mastery Series #2



Mastery Series #2

Get ready to dive deeper into your Mastery with Series #2. You do not have to have participated in Series #1 to join Series #2 but it is recommended.  Angel goes deeper into the steps previously discussed in Series #1. The Mastery Series is designed to give you the tools to find the higher power that is within you. Angel is dedicated to facilitating the growth of each individual so that they can live their life with ease and experience a deeper satisfaction that ultimately brings an inner joy. Angel explores the concepts, beliefs, opinions and positions that keep you from embracing and living your full potential.

The topics discussed in this series are:
Call 1 – Where Do You Fill The Void
Call 2 – Allurement And Failure
Call 3 – Fragments And Fractures
Call 4 – Choice of Points
Call 5 – The Awakening of the Calling of the Soul
Call 6 – Enjoying The Now
Call 7 – Rebirth, Imagination And The New You
Call 8 – Pulling The Program From Your Mind
Call 9 – Birth Is Your Opportunity
Call 10 – Living From The Light of Your Soul
Call 11 – Detonate The Incongrucncies
Call 12 – The Ability To Focus

Each call is 60-75 minutes long and the topics discussed are there specifically to facilitate change and growth. By purchasing this call series you will begin to unlock your potential and step into a life you consciously choose to live instead of being at the mercy of everyone else. Your conscious mind is running 5% of your brain. Your subconscious and unconscious minds are running the other 95%. Who is really in control? Your conscious mind is and the other two should be taking orders. The tricky part is that the memories and the programs we have stored in the subconscious and unconscious minds are from our childhood. The thoughts we think and the patterns we keep reliving are stored here and they have been reinforced over time….and have been dominating our reality. We have the power to change that.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson